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TSE is a plotless Roleplay Communuity created to give persons a place where they can come express themselves within their writing and also to have FUN while doing so. 

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Now available on site, is the "Quick View" feature on members' profiles. By clicking this feature you can have a brief insight into someone's character before going fully into their profile. But if that person's page is set to private, then you won't be able to view their info without adding them. 

⮞ A Relationships page has been created. If your characters are in an official relationship, or you guys have a ship thread going, you can have your character and your partner's character added to the page.  



We are still looking for persons to join our team. If you're a team player and have what it takes to help the other staff perform their duties on and around the site , contact Tiana via inbox for an application.